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0-5 Head Start Programs

Head Start is a federally-funded child development program that serves pregnant women, infants, toddlers and children ages 0-5. Its success is based on compassionate partnerships between Head Start program staff and parents. In Michigan, local Head Start programs work with families to remove barriers to success and to deepen parents' ability to support their children.

EightCAP, Inc. provides Head start and Early Head Start programming in Clinton (EHS Only), Gratiot, Ionia, Isabella and Montcalm Counties.

For more information please visit the Michigan Head Start Association website at http://michheadstart.org/

Policy Council Members Wanted

If you are interested in becoming a Policy Council member, download and complete a Policy Council Interest Form (see below).  Completed forms can be returned to your chlld's Head Start Teacher or Family Liaison, Early Head Start Home Visitor or Family Liaison, or County EightCAP ​office.

Policy Council Interest Form (Fillable)

Policy Council Questions and Answers Sheet


Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)

The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a state-funded preschool program with aims that are similar to those of Head Start. While fewer children qualify for Head Start than GSRP, the Great Start Readiness Program also serves families whose circumstances indicate a need to free early childhood education.

EightCAP, Inc. partners with local districts and its subrecipients to offer GSRP programs in the Gratiot, Ionia Isabella and Montcalm Counties.

For more information please visit the Michigan Department of Education website at http://www.michigan.gove/mde/

Apply for the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)​

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Great Start Collaborative and Parent Coalition

The Great Start Parent Coalition is a group of volunteers who are liaisons between the Great Start Collaborative board and the community. Each local collaborative is committed to developing seamless programming that utilizes community resources and supports to help families have access to tools needed to provide a healthy start for all children.​

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Printable Preschool Application

Printable Infant/Toddler Application

​Printable Infant Toddler Application Spanish

Printable Preschool Application Spanish

The Cornerstones of Head Start​ (Video)

Child Development

Family Development

Community Development

Staff Development


Nine Principals of Head Start:

high quality

prevention and promotion

positive relationships and continuity

parent involvement



comprehensiveness, flexibility, responsiveness, and intensity





​​Head Start Core Values

Head Start Community Resources/Enrollment Applications

Health - For You & Your Family




Denise Boyce

Infant Toddler Programing/Preschool Programing

ERSEA Program Assistant

E-Mail: ​deniseb@8cap.org

Phone: (616) 754-9315 Ext. 3369

Toll Free: (866) 754-9315 Ext. 3369


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